5 Life Lessons to Live By

This week’s super-moon has been messing with my circadian rhythm. I sprung out of bed this Saturday morning dark and early at 4:15.

I hopped in my sauna and took a cold outdoor shower — my favorite and most thrilling way to start my morning. My bratty coffee maker malfunctioned again spewing coffee grounds all over my counter and on our hardwood floors.

I surrendered in defeat and drove to our local coffee shop for my first pumpkin latte of the season. 

I took Eugene Peterson’s Message interpretation of the Bible along with me and devoured all twelve chapters of King Solomon’s cynical, but wise musings of life alongside my breakfast wrap. 

There are many life lessons to glean from the book of Ecclesiastes, but these five stood out to me today. 

A Love for God and Wisdom Are The Best Possessions
The words of the wise prod us to live well. They’re like nails hammered home, holding life together. They are given by God, the one Shepherd (Eccl. 12:11).

The last and final word is this: Fear God. Do what He tells you (Eccl. 12:13).

Practice Radical Generosity 
Be generous: Invest in acts of Charity. Charity yields high returns (Eccl. 11:1).

Carpe Diem
Seize life! Eat bread with gusto. Drink wine with a robust heart. Oh yes — God takes pleasure in your pleasure! Dress festively every morning. Don’t skimp on colors and scarves. Relish life with the spouse you love each and every day of your precarious life. Each day is God’s gift. It’s all you get in exchange for the hard work of staying alive (Eccl. 9:7-10). 

Let Your Words Be Few and Make Them Count
Don’t shoot off your mouth, or speak before you think. Don’t be quick to tell God what you think He wants to hear. God’s in charge, not you — the less you speak the better (Eccl 5:2).

Much of Life Is A Chasing After The Wind
Then I took a good look at everything I’d done, looked at all the sweat and hard work. But when I looked, I saw nothing but smoke. Smoke and spitting into the wind. There was nothing of it. Nothing (Eccl. 2:11).


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