A Season to Create

I’ve learned that dreams take time. After ten years, one dream I’ve had is unfolding before me. It feels so surreal but meant to be at the same time. I can’t wait to share more about with you in future months. In the meantime I will be quiet in online spaces so I can show …

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Please Stay

What if I told you not to leave?What if I told you that you would get through this?That you are stronger than you think you are.What if I told you this world is not better off without you in it?But that it is more beautiful because you are here.What if I told you there are …

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When a Friendship Ends

We all know that romantic relationships can come to end, but what about friendships? As we grow older and more distant from friends we used to hold dear, is it possible to end friendships in a healthy way? Life transitions such as moves, school, career changes, new relationships, and shifts in personal values and world-views …

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