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I’m Allie. I want to see you know your value and thrive in your life. I am the Founder and Director of Wonderfully Made, a nationwide non-profit for teen girls and young women designed to equip and encourage them to know their God-given value and live spiritually and emotionally healthy lives.


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An anthem of hope and worth for teen girls and women.

My Swim with Moko the Wild Dolphin

Like many surfer girls, my affinity for the ocean and the sport of surfing goes hand in hand with my love for dolphins. In fact it wasn’t so much the graceful beauty of Lisa Anderson shredding through a sweet right-hander, but the allure of these beautiful creatures and my desire to be near them that

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Co-Creating a More Intentional Life

Lately I’ve been meditating on the idea of co-creating a life you love with God. I’ve never liked the phrase “she created a life she loved.” Something about it doesn’t sit with well with me because God is the Creator and we are not. Only God can create our life. But we can create our

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In Pursuit of Digital Minimalism for a Better Life

I have a new ambition in life. It’s not to run a marathon or bake sourdough bread from scratch. It’s simply to master my technology so it doesn’t master me. I want to become a what author Cal Newport calls a “digital minimalist” so I can live undistracted and create good and meaningful work. Several

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