My new book Wonderfully Made: Discover the Identity, Love and Worth You Were Created For releases this October. 

What if discovering your true value and purpose began with believing one simple, but profound truth: you have been wonderfully made.

Do you ever question your worth or wonder what on earth you’re here for? The everyday pressures and struggles young women face and the feeling of not measuring up can be overwhelming.

You might be left wondering is this all there is? A constant striving towards self-acceptance and human approval? Or are you made for something more? 

Allie Marie Smith has walked the familiar road of self-doubt and depression. Like a companion on the journey, she wants you to join her in discovering a better life — the life you’ve been made for.

God planned your days before you were born and He longs for you to discover the life He created you to live — here on earth and in eternity. Living this abundant life will take a new understanding that you are:

•Made for relationship with God
•Made to be loved
•Made to know your true identity
•Made to overcome
•Made to live free
•And so much more 

Wonderfully Made is designed to be read in 30 short chapters that help discover your true purpose and significance.

Don’t believe the lie that your worth comes from what you achieve or how you look. Your identity comes from God. No matter what the other voices might say, God declares that you have been lovingly and wonderfully made and His eternal plan for you is good.

Coming Soon

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