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It means so much that you’d stop by and please know that I’d love to hear from you.

I am the Founder and Director of Wonderfully Made®, a non-profit faith-based organization for teen girls and women.

My book Wonderfully Made: Discover the Identity, Love, and Worth You Were Created For is a guidebook to help women discover the lives they’ve been created for.

I have the joy of interviewing inspiring and influential authors and experts on our podcast about faith and wellness. 

I have had the privilege of sharing my story of overcoming mental health challenges with millions of people on TV, the radio, and in podcast interviews.

God has mended the broken pieces of my life and given me more purpose and joy than I ever could have imagined and I believe He can do this for you.

I’m a California girl and lover of bluegrass who strives to live a life of digital minimalism. I am a lifelong athlete and feel the most alive when I’m riding a horse or playing in the sea. My husband Paul and I spend our free time surfing and adventuring up and down our golden coast with our Golden Retriever Gidget.

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet. I would love to hear from you here or find me on Instagram.



"Allie is not only filled with passion and creativity in her writing, conference, and video projects, but her heart to see young women set free is a force! She leads with consistency, integrity, and lots of flair. Allie has the ability to identify and call out destructive narratives and replace them with truth and beauty. She is the big sister we all wish we had growing up, and our daughters need her important voice."

Kate Merrick

 Author of Here, Now and And Still She Laughs
"Allie Marie Smith is a refreshing voice of transparency in a media-driven culture. As the founder of Wonderfully Made, Allie has opened doors for countless young women to be honest about their struggles and discover their creativity, worth, and power in Christ. Her deeply authentic style of communicating makes us all feel at ease, knowing we can be both real and accepted just as we are."

Jennifer Strickland

Author of Girl Perfect, Beautiful Lies, and More Beautiful Than You Know, and Founder of URMore
"Over the years, Allie has been an amazing friend and mentor. The non-profit she created, Wonderfully Made, along with her own skills and vulnerability have helped so many women in all walks of life see their priceless value, beauty, and that we are all created for a divine purpose. She is a talented entrepreneur, creative soul, and powerful, beautiful woman of God."

Sarah Johnson

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